{Q&A/Discussion Post} 1 – Do you listen to music as you read?

Welcome to my first ever Q&A/Discussion post!
I plan to make these at least twice a week on Monday and Friday. Since I don’t have any questions from you I thought I’d pose my own. However, if I get enough questions I’ll use this post to respond to them as well as to pose my own question. I know it sounds confusing right now, but hopefully as I receive questions and make my posts it will become clearer. Now on to the post. 🙂
Do you listen to music as you read?
Personally, unless I’m listening to an audio book, I love listening to music as I read. To me, the music isn’t a distraction because it helps me block out other things around me. When I listen to music I usually listen to the lyrics. For some reason I can ignore the words when I read. In fact, I’ve noticed that when I read and listen to music at the same time I find that I read faster. I also find that the music helps my mind from straying when I read. There’s just something soothing about the music that I can’t explain but it quiets my thoughts. Also, have you noticed how people don’t bother you when you have headphones in?
I hope you liked this post. Leave your answer to the question as well as any questions you might want to ask me in the comments.


How I Read.

So if you’ve read my
About Page
, you know that I’m a blind teenager. I thought it would be interesting to tell you how I read as a blind person.
When I tell strangers, or even friends sometimes, that I love reading they want to know how I read and are shocked sometimes that I read at all. Let me tell you, I can and do read many books.
Ways I read:
•I listen to audio books.
This one is very self explanatory. Basically, I get audio books from the library or buy them if I really like the series or book.
•Download digital braille copies from Bookshare, a site that gives people with a print disability the opportunity to read books.
This site has given me access to so many books! I download digital braille copies and read them on a special device called a BrailleNote.

I also use this to do my school work and connect it via bluetooth to my phone to make typing easier. It also has speech capabilities for when I want to listen to things instead of read them.
•I buy eBooks.
I will sometimes buy eBooks for my iPhone/iPad to read/listen to. If you aren’t aware, the Apple devices have something that’s called VoiceOver which speaks the text that is on the screen making the phone accessible to blind people.
Click here to learn more about VoiceOver.
•I have someone read the book.
This is rare, but if a book is on sale in hardcover or paperback and I like it or it sounds interesting I’ll buy it and ask a friend or my mom to read it to me.
These are just a few of the ways I read books. If you have any questions about how I read, blindness in general, or about me leave them in the comments and I’ll either reply or make a post answering them.

“Waiting on Wednesday” 1 – Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Hi, this is my very first WoW post! I’ll be talking about the book I’m waiting to read when it gets released. Today’s book is Saint Anything.
Saint Anything.JPG
I’m anxiously awaiting the release of author Sarah Dessen’s novel Saint Anything set to be published May 5, 2015.
Saint Anything.jpg
Saint Anything on Goodreads
Goodreads Synopsis:
Saint Anything, set for 2015, is about a girl named Sydney who finds solace in a new love interest while dealing with her older brother’s incarceration. Dessen said the novel touches on some of her favorite themes, including the “joy and complications of family, first love, and how one friend can sometimes change everything.”
I’ve only read a few of Sarah Dessen’s books (The Truth About Forever, Lock and Key, Dreamland, That Summer, Just Listen, and Someone Like You), but I’ve enjoyed all of these. In the books that I’ve read, Dessen captures the emotions and characteristics of not just the main character, but of everyone in the story. Even the smallest characters or actions in her books are important. To me this is a sign of not only a good book, but also a good author as well. The fact that Sarah Dessen can capture the emotions of her characters so well makes me connect with them more as a reader and a teenager who is going through some of the same things as some of her characters.
When I heard that she was publishing a new book I immediately got excited. When I read the summary though, I knew I had to read this book. Sydney just seems like a character that I can connect to emotionally based on the summary. I’ve never had a sibling in jail, but I do know what it’s like to have that one friend who changes everything. I can’t wait to see what Dessen brings to the table with this new novel. I always love seeing how she builds the plot, setting, and character development through the book and I’m pretty sure this one won’t disappoint.
Are you excited to read this book too? Leave a comment with your answer or your own WoW post so I can reply. Also, what did you think of my first WoW?

Favorite Series Starters

Here are some of my favorite series starters within the last two years. I was wondering if you agreed. Vote in the poll below for your favorite starter. The book with the most votes will be my review for the month of November.

I hope you have fun voting and you agree with these.

I haven’t read The Young Elites, but it’s on here because it looks really good.

I can’t wait to see which book wins.

Happy voting,


Why I Started

About a week ago, my friend wrote a post on why she wrote. After reading
it, I realized that I had some of the same feelings as her. While my friend expressed her feelings through writing, I have usually kept mine locked inside. I think part of that reason is because I’m scared to let people in. Anyway, I spoke to my friend and she encouraged me to get a blog, so I did.
Sound easy? Well, it wasn’t. It still took me about five days to actually get a blog. I hope that this was the right decision and that it will let me feel free.

4 Things We Wouldn’t Have if We Didn’t Read Banned Books



We’re in the middle of Banned Books Week and I was thinking back at several of the amazing banned books like The Great Gatsby, Slaughterhouse-Five, and even The Lord of the Rings that would be missed if we couldn’t read them. So, here are some things we would miss out on if we look at a few banned books in a very It’s a Wonderful Life type way.

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