Joining the 105 Challenge—Sign-Up and Goals

I’m excited to tell you guys that I’m signing up for the 105 challenge hosted by Nori from Read Write Love 28.
This challenge consists of reading 105 books in 2015. Nori came up with the number by adding 12+2 to make 14 and then adding 14+13+12+11…+2+1.
Now if the goal were just to read 105 books, it’d be easy, but it’s called a challenge for a reason. The purpose of the challenge is to read a certain number of books from different categories.
Here are the categories I hope to finish books from.

  1. Science Fiction book
  2. Memoirs
  3. Books written by a male author
  4. New Adult books
  5. Arcs (Advance Reader Copies)
  6. Series starters
  7. Debut authors of 2015
  8. New releases (from any year)
  9. YA contemporaries
  10. New to me authors
  11. Sequels
  12. Book recommendations (of books I’ve been indecisive about/haven’t heard of)
  13. Series Enders
  14. Buddy reads

The only requirement Nori has is that when you finish a category, you make a Goodreads shelf and send it to her via Rafflecopter.
Are you participating in this challenge?If so, what are your categories?


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