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(SST 2) – Review: The Revenge Playbook by Rachael Allen

The Revenge Playbook by Rachael Allen
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book as part of the Sunday street team in exchange for an honest review. A huge thanks to Nori, the publisher, and author.

I don’t even have words for how wonderful this book was. It’s not just a story about girls getting much needed revenge on a football team. This book is about a culture that idolizes football players and lets them get away with anything–although depending on where you are, this applies to a different sport–about friendship, love, family, and so much more.

I can’t express how much I appreciate all the lessons in this book and how everyone–especially football types like this and girls who’ve been hurt by them–needs to read it.

When I started reading this, I was kind of skeptical because I didn’t understand how a book based on dares could be so wonderful. If this happens to you, KEEP READING!

There are four main characters in the book–Ana, Liv, Melanie Jane, and Peyton–who’ve all been affected by the football team in one way or another. As I said, I was skeptical at first, but once the point of view switched between all four girls, I was hooked. I was never once confused by who was narrating the story as each girl had her own unique story and voice. Each girl told a part of the story and scavenger hunt–the dares–in such a way that all the stories blended perfectly into one. Not only did the girls narrate their experiences during the hunt, but the book also switched between time periods and told the story of how the girls united together to get revenge. Seeing their friendship evolve through each of their eyes was special and wonderful. I felt a personal connection to each girl and her story. Experiencing the friendship through all four girls was beautiful because I was able to see each girl’s motivation and feel what she felt. I honestly wish more books told stories like this–so seamlessly and through multiple points of view.

Not only did the girls tell a story of friendship and support and revenge, but each girl gave a glimpse into her family life. Yes, they all seemed perfect on the outside, but it was really comforting to see that even though they appeared perfect, each girl had something going on. Sometimes when I read books with great messages, I don’t often see how other girls are feeling and feel alone because I think I’m not perfect or beautiful enough. Reading about girls–albeit fictional ones–who have the same struggles is comforting because it lets me know I’m not alone.

Overall, this book was beautiful and amazing and I will definitely read anything else Rachael Allen writes. I recommend this book to anyone who feels alone, any girl who’s been hurt by a jerk and feels no one supports her, and to all those jerks out there so they can see their actions do have consequences and do hurt real people.

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(SST 1) – Review: Second Position by Katherine Locke

Title: Second Position

Author: Katherine Locke

Publication date: April 13, 2015

Synopsis: Four years ago, a car accident ended Zedekiah Harrow’s ballet career and sent Philadelphia Ballet principal dancer Alyona Miller spinning toward the breakdown that suspended her own. What they lost on the side of the road that day can never be replaced, and grief is always harshest under a spotlight…

Now twenty-three, Zed teaches music and theatre at a private school in Washington, D.C. and regularly attends AA meetings to keep the pain at bay. Aly has returned to D.C. to live with her mother while trying to recover from the mental and physical breakdown that forced her to take a leave of absence from the ballet world, and her adoring fans.

When Zed and Aly run into each other in a coffee shop, it’s as if no time has passed at all. But without the buffer and escape of dance—and with so much lust, anger and heartbreak hanging between them—their renewed connection will either allow them to build the together they never had…or destroy the fragile recoveries they’ve only started to make.

Book One of the District Ballet Company

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Don’t forget! You can check out the prequel novella TURNING POINTE at Carina Press right here. See Zed when he danced, how they got together, and what happened years before SECOND POSITION starts!

About the Author:

Katherine Locke
Katherine Locke lives and writes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she’s ruled by her feline overlords and her addiction to chai lattes. Her dayjobs always vary, but in the past she’s worked in nuclear weapons abolition activism, lead poisoning prevention and education, and food safety programs at a mushroom farm. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, and when she’s not reading, she’s tweeting about reading and writing. She likes her heroes boyish and her heroines with dirty mouths. She secretly believes most books are fairytales in disguise. Her debut novel, SECOND POSITION, arrives in April 2015 from Carina Press.

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I received a copy of the book on a read to review basis from Nori–creator of the Sunday Street Team–via NetGalley.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’ve always been a fan of anything to do with dance because of it’s grace and delicateness (if that’s not a word, it is now) so when Nori from Read Write Love 28 came up with the Sunday Street Team and gave me the opportunity to review this book i was ecstatic! From the Minute I picked the book up, I fell in love! I absolutely love the fact that the book was told in two different points of view and that both of the main characters were broken. Usually what I’ve found with stories like this is that there is always one main character who’s whole and has to try and fix the other. However, In this story Ally and Zed both had to fix each other and find ways of coping with their mutual past as well as with their own demons. The other thing I liked about this book is that Katherine made a main character with a prosthetic leg, but did NOT center the book about him or make me feel pity for him because he’d lost a leg. Instead, she made Zed a strong and competent character who had to get past the fact that he could no longer leg. At the same time, she didn’t make Zed pity the loss of his leg too much which was great because it didn’t create a whiny main character.

Another issue Katherine dealt with was eating disorders. The way Katherine wrote about what Ally was going through made me understand, and connect with her more as a person. Having friends who deal with eating disorders and helping them cope, I feel that Katherine in no way overdramatized the subject! I LOVED how she showed Ally’s different moods as she dealt with her eating disorder and other issues she was dealing with. I also like how she incorporated the coping mechanisms Ally used to make her a more three dimensional character.

Lastly, i adored the therapist’s whit and overall personality! Where can I find one like him?

Overall, Second Position was an AMAZING book with a great premise.