Review: The Boy with Words by C.E. Wilson

The Boy with Words by C.E. Wilson

Title: The Boy With Words
Author: C.E. Wilson
Publication date: April 23, 2016
Number of pages: 490
Series: The Boy With Words
Synopsis: Two Books in One Volume! (Five Seven Five & Five Seven Six)
White Frost has only ever known the darkness. Everything outside of her closed society is The Unknown – a strange and dangerous place accessible to only a chosen few. White’s only glimpse of the world beyond comes from her beloved cousin in the form of mysterious collections of words that hint at astonishing wonders. When an accident upends her simple existence, she’s given an unlikely chance to see the truth for herself.
What she finds is greater and more terrible than she could have imagined, and before long she is forced to make the most important choice of her life: does she accept her safe, limited world that she’s known or take a desperate gamble in a world not meant for her with the Boy with Words?

I received this book from the author on a read to review basis in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
When I first began the book, I was pretty intrigued. Right away, I could tell that this society was different–one in which people feared the unknown and were fed a story about the world they lived in. However, I found the writing and world building at the beginning a little dull. I had a hard time connecting with White, the main character and sympathizing with her situation.
As the book progressed, I began to really get into the society. I can’t say much without spoiling, but suffice to say that Wilson brings up some really interesting concepts about humans, their attitudes towards differences, and science. If closely examined, the society White lives in reflects some of the same problems in our society and made me really think about various things. The character development in this book was not only really well written, but it was also sweet to read and actually be able to see and imagine the characters developing.
Although I initially disliked White, she definitely grew on me by the end of this book. I felt a connection with her because she was extremely curious and wanted to experience things she was told she couldn’t. As a blind person, I am constantly told I can’t or shouldn’t do certain things, which makes me feel more curious. Seeing White’s curiosity grow throughout this book was really what made the plot move along and what shaped her development as a character.
Another thing I found unique about this book is the fact it is two books in one, but reads as one book. The individual books are called 575 and 576, which I found as weird titles, but whose meanings become clear at the end of the book. Knowing that this was two books in one volume, I was worried that the story would be a little disjointed in order to set up the next book, but I actually found the transition to be quite smooth
I know this review is extremely vague, but I can’t say much without going into detail. If however, you want a more detailed review with all of my thoughts, let me know and I can do that for you as I really think it’s worth discussing and would like to discuss this with people.
That said, I did have a few problems with the book. Mainly, I felt the writing could have been a bit smoother, thereby fixing some of the pacing issues I had. Again, I felt that the beginning of the book was rushed in order to get to the more exciting middle chunks. Personally, I would have liked more background at the beginning and would have liked to see more of Shade. I also thought the ending was really rushed and would have liked a little bit more–especially smoother writing and more details. I felt as though the book was just wrapped up, but the bow, or a piece of the wrapping paper was left off.
Overall, I would recommend this book for people wanting to read about science, humans, and a different, yet similar society. Again, let me know if you’d like a more in-depth review.


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