Review: Bomb by Sarah Mussi

Bomb by Sarah Mussi
Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

I received this book on a read to review basis, but this in no way affected my opinion. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read this.

When I first heard about Bomb, i was really intrigued by the premise of a girl who becomes a weapon of mass destruction and has to follow certain instructions from an unknown source. However, I’m disappointed to say that the book fell way short of my expectations. While the main premise of the book was great, I feel that the author really didn’t develop the characters, storyline, and background at all. To me, the characters felt one-dimensional and I didn’t care for their plight. I really wanted to feel bad for the situation Genesis, the main character was in because I can’t even begin to comprehend what it would be like to be strapped to a bomb. However, a combination of the writing style and lack of emotion the characters showed toward the situation made it virtually impossible to connect. The emotion Genesis showed seemed really–relaxed, or just not fitting to the situation, and made the book have a younger feel to me. The writing style also made it hard to read as paragraphs were constantly started for no reason and words were capitalized for emphasis instead of using other more intense verbs/descriptions. Don’t get me wrong, capitalizing and italicizing for effect is fine, but when an author constantly does it instead of using more vivid descriptions it really bugs me.

Along with under-developed characters, I felt that Bomb dragged so much and went around in circles. Again, I really like the premise of the story, but I felt that with the writing style the author used the book went on for a really long time. The pacing seemed kind of slow and unnecessary at times while at others it was hurried which made the book a little confusing to follow. However, I do like the way the author was trying to introduce other characters and questions that are arising in today’s world about extremism.

Lastly, I don’t know how I feel about the end. On the one hand, I liked how it left me with questions, but I also feel that it was really anticlimactic.

Overall, Bomb is a book with a great premise, but it fell extremely short of my expectations.


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