Review: Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch
Rating: 5 of 5 stars
It may not seem like it because I’ve been posting so many reviews of contemporary books, but fantasy is probably my all time favorite genre thanks to Harry and friends. As much as I LOVE the genre, I absolutely hate writing reviews for it because I have such a hard time putting my feelings in to words. Today I’m going to try and put my very confused feelings for Snow Like Ashes in to writing.

WARNING: When I saw Sarah Raasch in March my feelings were just squeals, “How Could You’s?” and “When/how can I get an Ice Like Fire ARC?”

I picked up the book about a month after its release and didn’t read it until March! Let me just say, it was a huge mistake and it wasn’t. It was a mistake because the book is AMAZING, but the bad part is I have to wait what feels like an eternity to read the next book! I think one of the reasons I put off reading this book was because I had heard so many great things about it and I didn’t want to a. not like it; or b. love it and be torn because the sequel doesn’t come out until forever!

Before I go on about why I read this book in a few hours, I’m going to talk about the ONE thing I would have liked a little differently. I thought that the book started out a little too slow and would have preferred a little more emotion from some of the characters in the beginning. I was going to put the book down after reading the first chapter because it WAS slow, but I told myself I had to stop being a wimp and read it so I could see why everyone was raving and join the throngs! I’m SO SO glad I kept reading after the first chapter because seriously guys, Sarah Raasch keeps the pace up throughout the book. Even when the pace DOES slow dow a bit, it’s the amount of slow and it doesn’t feel like the plot is slowing and the characters didn’t fall flat during those sections.

On to the hard part: my feels about the rest of the book. Most of the fantasy books I’ve read have either too much info-dumping at once or not enough but I think Sara Raasch handled her world building just right. I felt that she gave the right amount of information at correct time and things she left out at certain points were revealed later for a specific reason. I really liked how thorough she was in making sure that I as the reader wasn’t confused as to what kingdom was where, who was who, or who were the bad guys and such. I feel that she hammered in the information just enough so that it stuck in brain, but not so much as to become annoying and redundant.

Lastly—I could go on but no one would probably read the rest of my ramblings so I’ll stop here—I want to say how genius it was of Sara to come with a book based on kingdoms for each season. Not only was this awesome thinking on her part, but I loved how she made Winter the “good guys” when the season usually represents an end/death. Also, can I just say Sara was one hell of a smart kid because I sure as hell couldn’t write such an amazing book at twelve—I mean let’s face it I still can’t.

Overall, I thought Snow Like Ashes was a kickass book and y’all should pick it up as soon as you can and not make my stupid mistake and wait.


5 thoughts on “Review: Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch”

  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to read this book. I also put it off because I was afraid that I wouldn’t love it as much as everybody else, but since a friend of mine read it and fell in love with it, and confirming it once again with your review, I just have to read it now. This week will be the week. 😉

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  2. Yes! You finally read it! I read it back in December when we said that we would read it together and have been so anxious to see what you thought. Glad you liked it just as much as I did.

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    1. Yeah…sorry about that. That kinda took a while but as I said read it in March but could not for the life of me put the feels into words. If you wanna talk more about it text me. Also, have you read any Kinsella books yet?


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