Review: Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

As you’ve probably already figured out I’m a huge Sarah Dessen fan and I’ve been on quite a reading streak with her books. Today I’m reviewing Someone Like You which is among my top contemporary favorites. Okay, most of the books I’ve read by her fall in this category, but this book is REALLY good!

What I really liked about this book was its focus on Scarlet and Halley’s friendship and NOT on a romance. Yes, it deals with some romance but the main focus on the ups and downs of a friendship and the fact that true friends will always be there for each other.

Secondly, the book showed that teenagers don’t always get along with their parents and that it’s okay, but each family works in its own way and that’s fine too. It depicted a disfunctional family and a seemingly normal one side by side and it showed that both are more alike than they appear.

Lastly, I liked how the book showed that single parents, pregnant teens, and parents with drinking problems don’t just happen in Hispanic or African-American families but are also apparent in white families. As a person from a Hispanic family, I loathe the stereotype that all of our families are disfunctional and end up with pregnant teens.

Overall, Someone Like You was a great book with a good message.


2 thoughts on “Review: Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen”

  1. Yay! glad you enjoyed. Only read Just Listen, This Lullabye, and Along for the Ride by Dessen, but they’re great. And I do love female friendship-centric books, so this moved upon the TBR. (The English language is strange, but dysfunctional’s spelled with a y for some reason) Great review!

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