Review: Play With Me

Play With Me by Anna Katmore
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

When I picked up this book I wasn’t really sure what to expect from it. On the one hand, it sounded like a cute read, but at the same time, it had the potential of being horibly cheesy. Thankfully, I really enjoyed this book.

Play With Me is a really enjoyable read with a good plot, characters, and sweet romance. Unlike other books, Play With Me focused on a friendship as well as a romance.

In the beginning, the book started out pretty one-demensional and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to connect with any of the characters. However, as the book progressed, I was able to condect with Lisa as she struggled with daily teenage struggles and her first real crush. While I’ve never gone through Lisa’s situation, the writing style and details allowed me to connect with her and the rest of the characters.

The plot was also really enjoyable and I just wanted to keep reading so I could know what happened. I wanted to see where the story would go and what the characters would do. It was a quick read and it was definitely a perfect read before I start some heavier books. It was also a good book to pick up with the start of the new season.

Overall, Play With Me was a perfect read for my mood and the start of spring.


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