Review: I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I first heard about this book from Heather of on Youtube. I know that she absolutely loves this book and all of Kinsella’s books so I was curious to see what they were about.

When I picked up I’ve Got Your Number, I thought it was going to be a silly, fluffy book with little meaning. I picked it up on a whim hoping it would get me out of my reading slump and am so glad I did.

I’ve Got Your Number isn’t just about an air-headed woman who’s about to marry someone and loses her ring. It’s about doing what’s right, love, finding oneself, and it’s about learning from, and teaching others.

From the beginning, the main character, PoppyWyatt is funny and relatable. I know I’m just a teenager and not getting married as far as I know, but her reaction to the situation seemed appropriate. I really liked how Kinsella added modern speech/texts to emphasize how characters were feeling. I never thought that the imojis took away from the story and depth the characters had.
As the characters bond with each other, they learn how to accept other people’s opinions and incorporate them into their own views thereby creating a story with more depth. Furthermore, the story demonstrates how chance encounters–even those we might not remember or those that seem insignificant–impact our daily lives. It also teaches that people shouldn’t rush into things. Lastly, and I know I keep coming back to this, it stresses the point that we can learn and teach one another.

Overall, I thought I’ve Got Your Number was the perfect book to get me out of my hang-over after My Life Next Door. I think the book’s perfect for anyone looking to read a fast, humorous book with a great message.


5 thoughts on “Review: I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella”

  1. Okay, I finally picked up this books, and I am about halfway done. I am definitely liking it, and Poppy is hysterical, but her compulsive lying is starting to annoy me . . .


  2. Ooh, I just got to the part where Poppy is with Sam, and she gets the anonymous text . . . This is getting really interesting!


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