{Top Ten Tuesday} 1 – “Top Ten Places a Book Has Made Me Want to Visit.”

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by
The Broke and the Bookish
that features a new top ten list each week.
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This week’s topic is “Top Ten Places a Book Has Made Me Want to Visit.”
1. Hogwarts
I know, so unoriginal right? But come on! It’s Harry Potter! I can’t be the only one that was upset when I didn’t receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail…can I?
2. London
Well, why not? I also chose it because accents. Besides, London just has a million things to do and see. I’d love to see the Thames and take a walk through Hyde Park. I fell in love with London in Harry Potter, but reading the Infernal Devices series sealed my love for it.
3. New York City
Again, why not? I could go see shows on Broadway! The Mortal Instruments series also takes place in New York and it just seems so diverse. Other than that, a lot of the authors I read live in New York so there’s that.
4. Lakeview
If you’ve been following the blog, you know that I’m a big fan of Dessen and am awaiting her next novel Saint Anything.
Anyway, most of the books I’ve read by her take place in Lakeview so it only seems natural that I’d want to go there. Also, it just seems like a town I’d want to live in.
5. Mount Olympus
I loved the Percy Jackson series and one of the main places in it was the Empire State Building (AKA Mount Olympus.) The description of the view on Olympus is just so beautiful not to mention the Gods on it. I’d love to meet Athena and Artemis while I’m at it.
6. Gallagher Academy
Let me just start off by saying that if you haven’t read the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter you totally should. Firstly, I’d get to meet Cammie. Then there’s Joe Solomon, Professor Buckingham, Madame Dabney, Abby, and Cammie’s mom. If that’s not enough, they’re spies and I’d be in an all girls spy school.
7. The Obernewtyn Chronicles’ world
I’d love to visit this place because I find the world Isobelle Carmody creates fascinating. I love Elspeth and the rest of the Misfits. I highly recommend this series.
8. Idris
I can’t believe I almost forgot this one. I’d just love to see the Demon Towers and the Hall of Accords. Oh, and let’s not forget the Angel’s statue and of course all of the Shadowhunters.
9. Amsterdam
Now I know what you’re thinking, and yes I do want to visit Amsterdam because of TFIOS. However, my love for Amsterdam is truly because of The Diary of Anne Frank.
I’d love to visit the Frank house as well as some of the concentration camps just to appreciate the history and remember the horrors that occurred there.
10. Gatlin
I loved the Beautiful Creatures series because it was told from the perspective of a boy. To me at least, it was a new twist on YA books. I’d just love to see the town for myself and meet all of the characters.

NOTE: these were not in any particular order.
Leave a link to your top ten post or just leave your reply/thoughts in the comments below.


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