How I Read.

So if you’ve read my
About Page
, you know that I’m a blind teenager. I thought it would be interesting to tell you how I read as a blind person.
When I tell strangers, or even friends sometimes, that I love reading they want to know how I read and are shocked sometimes that I read at all. Let me tell you, I can and do read many books.
Ways I read:
•I listen to audio books.
This one is very self explanatory. Basically, I get audio books from the library or buy them if I really like the series or book.
•Download digital braille copies from Bookshare, a site that gives people with a print disability the opportunity to read books.
This site has given me access to so many books! I download digital braille copies and read them on a special device called a BrailleNote.

I also use this to do my school work and connect it via bluetooth to my phone to make typing easier. It also has speech capabilities for when I want to listen to things instead of read them.
•I buy eBooks.
I will sometimes buy eBooks for my iPhone/iPad to read/listen to. If you aren’t aware, the Apple devices have something that’s called VoiceOver which speaks the text that is on the screen making the phone accessible to blind people.
Click here to learn more about VoiceOver.
•I have someone read the book.
This is rare, but if a book is on sale in hardcover or paperback and I like it or it sounds interesting I’ll buy it and ask a friend or my mom to read it to me.
These are just a few of the ways I read books. If you have any questions about how I read, blindness in general, or about me leave them in the comments and I’ll either reply or make a post answering them.


6 thoughts on “How I Read.”

  1. Hi Jackie! I’m @sslluvsbooks on twitter and recently discovered your blog. I found this post extremely interesting. Ignorantly, I had never thought of the fact that blind people could be avid readers. Obviously I’m aware that you can read in braille, but I didn’t ever think that you could be an avid reader and blogger. You are so inspirational, and I think that you should definitely turn this into a book blog 🙂


    1. Thank you. This means so much to me. Just having at least one book blogger telling me this is the right path means more than you can imagine to me. One of my friends inspired me to start a blog, but it wasn’t until I read your blog and Kaitlin from Reading is My Treasure’s blog that I started wanting to convert my blog in to a book blog. So really I owe you, my friend, and Kaitlin a huge thanks.


  2. Like always I said you are my inspiration, my motivation to live. Everyday I thank to god for gave me the opportunity the share my life with you. I hope your blog inspired more people to read.


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