“Waiting on Wednesday” 1 – Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Hi, this is my very first WoW post! I’ll be talking about the book I’m waiting to read when it gets released. Today’s book is Saint Anything.
Saint Anything.JPG
I’m anxiously awaiting the release of author Sarah Dessen’s novel Saint Anything set to be published May 5, 2015.
Saint Anything.jpg
Saint Anything on Goodreads
Goodreads Synopsis:
Saint Anything, set for 2015, is about a girl named Sydney who finds solace in a new love interest while dealing with her older brother’s incarceration. Dessen said the novel touches on some of her favorite themes, including the “joy and complications of family, first love, and how one friend can sometimes change everything.”
I’ve only read a few of Sarah Dessen’s books (The Truth About Forever, Lock and Key, Dreamland, That Summer, Just Listen, and Someone Like You), but I’ve enjoyed all of these. In the books that I’ve read, Dessen captures the emotions and characteristics of not just the main character, but of everyone in the story. Even the smallest characters or actions in her books are important. To me this is a sign of not only a good book, but also a good author as well. The fact that Sarah Dessen can capture the emotions of her characters so well makes me connect with them more as a reader and a teenager who is going through some of the same things as some of her characters.
When I heard that she was publishing a new book I immediately got excited. When I read the summary though, I knew I had to read this book. Sydney just seems like a character that I can connect to emotionally based on the summary. I’ve never had a sibling in jail, but I do know what it’s like to have that one friend who changes everything. I can’t wait to see what Dessen brings to the table with this new novel. I always love seeing how she builds the plot, setting, and character development through the book and I’m pretty sure this one won’t disappoint.
Are you excited to read this book too? Leave a comment with your answer or your own WoW post so I can reply. Also, what did you think of my first WoW?


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