Messy Buns


To most people, a messy bun signifies a lazy day, an “I just don’t care today attitude”, or at the very least, a missed alarm clock scrambling to get to work or school on time kind of day. To me, a messy bun signifies happiness.

Now yes, I know that this is a weird analogy, but let’s remember, I’ve conjured up stranger thoughts before. After all,  I did tell you all the things your pimples teach you. So please, here me out. Messy buns are one of the best things in the world. When executed correctly, this style is not only comfortable, but super fashionable. Unlike crocs which in my opinion are neither comfortable or fashionable. Seriously, those little nubs at the bottom are like walking on needles all day.

The messy bun is so simple, so tousled yet elegant, so discombobulated while perfectly put together at the exact…

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