Link to an essay talking about the current YA debate.

This is an amazing essay! It talks about the current YA bashing and how women and girls are still made to feel as if they are worthless. I will talk more about my thoughts later.


Why I Started

About a week ago, my friend wrote a post on why she wrote. After reading
it, I realized that I had some of the same feelings as her. While my friend expressed her feelings through writing, I have usually kept mine locked inside. I think part of that reason is because I’m scared to let people in. Anyway, I spoke to my friend and she encouraged me to get a blog, so I did.
Sound easy? Well, it wasn’t. It still took me about five days to actually get a blog. I hope that this was the right decision and that it will let me feel free.

4 Things We Wouldn’t Have if We Didn’t Read Banned Books



We’re in the middle of Banned Books Week and I was thinking back at several of the amazing banned books like The Great Gatsby, Slaughterhouse-Five, and even The Lord of the Rings that would be missed if we couldn’t read them. So, here are some things we would miss out on if we look at a few banned books in a very It’s a Wonderful Life type way.

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